Naples, Florida Discovers The Alluring & Romantic Dance of Argentine Tango!

It was 2003, when Pablo Repun, having just moved from his homeland of Buenos Aires, Argentina, drove almost 4 hours round-trip from his new hometown of Miami to Naples, to teach only one-hour lesson of Argentine Tango. Thus started the beginning of establishing Naples’ new awakening of the sophisticated and romantic dance of Argentine Tango. Pablo’s only student that first day, was totally smitten with tango and because of his future recommendations, more and more students found their way to Pablo’s classes. The rest is history.

Today, Pablo Repun is known as the “Naples’ Tango Maestro from Buenos Aires” who introduced ArgentineTango to the city of Naples many years ago. Since 2003, every Tuesday and Wednesday, Pablo teaches a full-day’s schedule. Beginning in the morning and ending late in the evening, he proudly teaches private and group tango lesson to the lucky residents of Naples!

In addition to his teaching tango at various studios in Naples, he recently started a new workshop for the Adult & Community Education at Collier County-Golden Gate High School teaching tango every Wednesday evening. Argentine Tango is being embraced and rapidly growing in Naples!

Pablo Repun has professionally performed Argentine Tango throughout the USA and abroad since 1993. He has participated in several shows and private events in Naples.

Pablo Repun has been Teaching Tango in Naples Since 2003


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